The Number 25

I’ve always felt connected to the number 25. The square root of 25 is 5. Add the digits together and you get lucky 7. Did you know there are 25 Councillors on PEO Council? And my birthday is on the 25th.

My campaign team is encouraging me to find a way for you, the P.Eng.s in Ontario to get to know me a little better, and give you a reason to vote for me in the PEO election. Being a good listener, I am putting that suggestion into action. So here are 25 fun facts about Darla Campbell.

  1. I was born on the 25th day of the 5th month. (52 = 25)
  2. I grew up in a small town, population just under 10,000.
  3. Growing up our family had a dog (Petunia) and a cat (Sassy).
  4. My first official leadership role was in 4-H, where I learned parliamentary procedures and participated in speaking competitions.
  5. I played on a softball team, a curling team and in a bowling league.
  6. I was a co-founder of Theatre Amisk, a community theatre company.
  7. During high school I attended the Terry Fox Youth Leadership program in Ottawa where I met astronaut Marc Garneau.
  8. I applied to be an astronaut in the same round that Chris Hadfield was selected.
  9. My daughter is in first year aerospace engineering at Ryerson.
  10. When I first met my husband, I told him that I wanted to make the world a better place. He thought I was joking. I wasn’t… and I still do.
  11. In 1997 I travelled to China as part of a delegation of business women where I presented at one of the universities about the experience of being a women engineer.
  12. In 2001 I was invited by the Canadian Consulate to be a guest speaker at a Women in Business conference in Nagoya, Japan. My keynote address about the advancement of women in business (in Canada) was translated for the audience.
  13. On Parliament Hill, I presented to the Standing Committee on the Status of Women on the topic of women in engineering. During the question period I suggested that what the engineering profession needed was a TV drama series to increase understanding of what engineers do.
  14. Attended the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York City along with my 4 month old daughter.
  15. Co-author of leadership training for women that was launched in Australia to an international audience and has been delivered across Canada.
  16. Appointed to serve on a federal tribunal for Employment Insurance appeals, representing employers and served for 7 years. This appointment was supported by the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.
  17. In 2005, chaired a business session at the International Congress of Business Women in Lucern, Switzerland. I was told that I have a high EQ that supported how well I managed the controversial debates.
  18. Attended a cocktail party on an active submarine in Venice, Italy, as a Young Career Woman representative from Canada. Of all the mentoring questions that I have been asked over the years, I have yet to be able to share my advice on what to wear to a cocktail party on a submarine!
  19. Recruited by an international water company (French owned) to work in New Jersey with projects across North America.
  20. Set a GOAL to publish a blog every day for 30 days. Once achieved, I continued to blog daily for 6 months. Here is the link to the blog redefinepossible.
  21. Set a GOAL to “Go for Gold” in our amateur dragonboat team. Although my team didn’t make it, I offered to help out another team that needed to fill their boat (as you need 20 paddlers), and I helped them win GOLD. Goal achieved (although not the way I had planned).
  22. Delivered keynote addresses and/or chaired meetings in 9 countries on 4 continents.
  23. Spoke at IEEE women in engineering conference and Women in Nuclear conference.
  24. In the role of PEO Vice President, I have attended more than 30 Zoom meetings.
  25. We got a puppy during the pandemic (Oscar) to join our full grown cat (Charlie).
Our “pandemic puppy” Oscar.

Thank you for reading! Vote Darla Campbell for PEO President-Elect.

We are building the future together.

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