Visionary leader with a proven record of accomplishment in business and the community provides PEO with the best choice for President-Elect in the 2022 election. Darla Campbell has demonstrated leadership from the trenches of a construction site to the boardrooms of organizations.

Darla Campbell, P.Eng., CSR-P, FEC
Candidate for PEO President-Elect

Darla Campbell, P.Eng., CSR-P, FEC

I’m running to elevate the engineering profession in Ontario and take action to make PEO a relevant regulator.

Key priorities include:
– Enhancing standards and practice guidelines
– Accelerating and modernizing the licensing process
– Embracing chapters as a model of communities of support
– Advocating where the public interest is at risk
– Operating in a global world: regulate locally, function globally.

Like you, I believe PEO must take action to understand what barriers to equality in our profession and organization currently exist, and how together, we work to bring about tangible action to remove those barriers. The time is now.

I’m asking for your vote because I believe I bring the skills, experience and demonstrated record of action to lead our organization through this important era in our collective history.

My key priorities include:
1. Accelerate and Modernize the Licensing Process. The current process is not good enough, or fast enough, or fair enough for internationally trained engineers. As your President-Elect, I would lead to fast track this important priority.

2. Moving to Action on Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination. As your President-Elect, I will lead to move PEO towards more expedient action on issues of Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination, supporting the important work of PEO’s Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Exploratory Working Group (AREWG) and the adoption of a Land Acknowledgement policy.

PEO Council needs clarity in direction. As your President-Elect, I will bring vision, experience and a demonstrated ability to drive change. You can be assured that my commitment to progress and equality will never waiver, even when undoubtedly, we will face challenges in our work for change. 

Within 100 days of being elected (which provides time to collaborate with councillors and staff), I will establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the priorities and plans that I will report on throughout my 3-year term. We can measure our progress against these benchmarks. 

Vote Darla Campbell for President-Elect
Leadership. Vision. Results.

NOTE: These endorsements are personal and do not reflect or represent the endorsement of PEO Council, a PEO chapter or committee or any organization with which an individual providing an endorsement is affiliated.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing opportunity working with Darla Campbell at PEO Government Liaison Committee (GLC) as committee member during her role as Chair. I found her a true leader as she is compassionate, well organized, a good listener, great problem solver, innovative and brilliant. She always has an unrelenting focus on helping others to succeed in their roles. Her devotion and commitment to the Engineering Profession is second to none!

Hafiz Bashir, P.Eng., MBA, FEC
GLP Chair, PEO Kingston Chapter

I have served alongside Darla Campbell for the past several years as a Waterlution board director. Over that time I have constantly been impressed with Darla’s incredible talent to organize focused discussions that drive results. She is superbly talented in drawing out the best from the other directors in her role as chair.

I am sure that her perspective based on many years of broad experiences provides her with visionary skills that have benefitted all the professional organizations within which she participates.  In recent planning activities, Darla has been instrumental in developing the strategies which should enable the digital agenda required by Waterlution and I have no doubt that Darla would be an incredible change agent for the PEO in this same regard.

Roberto Martini, P.Eng, CPA, CMA
Board Director, Waterlution and former member, PEO Finance Committee

Professional Experience

Accomplished professional engineer with experience in both public and private sectors, including the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) and an international water company. Currently the lead for Sustainability & Asset Management at Dillon Consulting Limited, out of the Oakville office. Darla is a member of Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), serves on the board of the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) and was conference chair for Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) and chair of Treatment and Technology Committee. Darla serves on the advisory board for Ryerson Urban Water and is chair of Rethink Sustainability Initiatives.

Leadership Awards

  • In August 2019, Darla was recognized with the Notable Woman Award by the Canadian Federation of University Women on the occasion of the organization’s 100th anniversary in Winnipeg.
  • The Canadian National Exhibition Association honoured 21 women with the Woman of Distinction Award at the opening ceremonies of the 138th CNE, including Darla Campbell, P.Eng. (August 19, 2016).
Darla Campbell - 150Award

  • MP Pam Damoff awarded 20 special Canada 150 Sesquicentennial Awards to outstanding residents of Oakville and Burlington who positively impact and influence the community.  Darla Campbell was one of the recipients for her significant contribution to her community and country as a role model for women in leadership.  She is passionate about sustainability and the environment, the importance of youth engagement and the need for diversity and inclusion (November 16, 2017).

Community Engagement

Darla is an active member of many organizations in her community including Professional Engineers Ontario, Canadian Federation of University Women, Oakville Chamber of Commerce, Waterlution and University Women’s Club of Oakville Scholarship Fund. She co-founded Advancement of Women Halton, an umbrella group of women’s organizations in Halton Region.  She launched Leadership Quest Camp for Kids, a unique leadership program in Oakville and Ottawa.