The Value of Chapters

The tenacity of the PEO Chapters to continue to stay connected through zoom and present interesting programs and activities throughout the second year of the pandemic has been inspirational. Thank you to the chapter leaders for your flexibility, focus and leadership!

KEY PRIORITY: Embracing PEO Chapters as a model of communities of support.

My plan as President-Elect is to listen. I commit to meeting with all 36 chapters (hopefully in person) to listen and learn from chapter leaders and members. We need to embrace chapters as a model of communities of support, that serve a regulatory function for PEO. I see chapters as the backbone of PEO and we need the chapters to stay strong and flexible. I look forward to our conversations and progress.

I would like to help champion an engagement intiative to get input from PEO members, stakeholders and the public on further defining the problems and opportunities. What does the public expect from a modern regulator? I will work with members of Council and staff to move forward wtih a robust strategic plan that guides the actions required to modernize the engineering profession in Ontario.

Thank you to each of the following chapters (and E4P) for inviting candidates to participate and engage with their membership “along the 2022 virtual campaign trail”:

  • PEO Scarborough Chapter AGM (Jan 22)
  • PEO Toronto-Humber Chapter All Candidates (Jan 26)
  • E4P Discussion (Jan 26)
  • PEO York Chapter hosted climate change webinar (Jan 27)
  • PEO East Toronto Chapter AGM (Feb 2)
  • PEO Oakville Chapter AGM (Feb 3)
  • PEO York Chapter Candidate Meeting (Feb 9)

The opportunity for candidates to field questions and engage in discussions helps us not only communicate our ideas (outbound message) but to listen and learn from PEO members and the other candidates “on the campaign trail”, strengthening our common understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead for PEO Council.

Thank you for the opportunity to engage with you throughout this campaign. I look forward to many more discussions (and idea generation sessions) as we engage in defining priorities for making PEO a relevant and modern regulator.

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