NOTE: The following endorsements are personal and do not reflect or represent the endorsement of PEO Council, a PEO chapter or committee or any organization with which an individual providing an endorsement is affiliated.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing opportunity working with Darla Campbell at PEO Government Liaison Committee (GLC) as committee member during her role as Chair. I found her a true leader as she is compassionate, well organized, a good listener, great problem solver, innovative and brilliant. She always has an unrelenting focus on helping others to succeed in their roles. Her devotion and commitment to the Engineering profession is second to none!

Hafiz Bashir, P.Eng., MBA, FEC
GLP Chair, PEO Kingston Chapter

Having worked with Darla in consulting I saw first hand her strong leadership and project management abilities. Her adept interpersonal and empathetic communication skills allow her to build strong relationships and partnerships. She’s an excellent manager and strategist, always finding the right fit solution and path forward.

Kevin Poirier, P.Eng., CSR-P
Director & Principal Consultant, SCV Consulting

I have served alongside Darla for the past several years as a Waterlution board director. Over that time I have constantly been impressed with Darla’s incredible talent to organize focused discussions that drive results. She is superbly talented in drawing out the best from the other board members in her role as chair. I am sure that her perspective based on many years of broad experiences provides her with visionary skills that have benefitted all the professional organizations within which she participates.  In recent planning activities, Darla has been instrumental in developing the strategies which should enable the digital agenda required by Waterlution and I have no doubt that Darla would be an incredible change agent for the PEO in this same regard.

Roberto Martini, P.Eng, CPA, CMA
Board Director, Waterlution and past member, PEO Finance Committee

Darla Campbell has been a friend and colleague for several years. Working together on the board of ‘Waterlution – a water learning experience’, a global not-for-profit is surely a pleasure where she has adroitly, thoughtfully and intelligently led as Chair. She has been an active contributor in different roles at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce for many years, including two terms as Director.

Mukul Asthana, P.Eng.
Director, Waterlution, Member Oakville Chamber of Commerce and PEO Oakville Chapter

Proven Leadership

I volunteered with Darla Campbell on the PEO Government Liaison Committee (GLC) during her term as Chair. I was consistently impressed by the level of preparedness and organization that Darla brought to her role. Beyond chairing meetings she guided the committee through multiple transitions for the Government Liaison Program (GLP), facilitated additional sessions on visioning, and prepared workshops to train GLP volunteers at annual conferences.

Darla has the rare ability to encourage others to think of the big picture, but in so doing she remains focused on and aware of the important details and future obstacles. As a member of the committee, I was repeatedly inspired to bring my best to the table by her leadership and the example she set. Darla is a highly accomplished facilitator and preparing workshops and presentations with her was a fantastic opportunity for my own growth in public speaking which has been an asset in my engineering career.

It is evident that Darla cares about the future of the engineering profession, and I am lucky to have met someone so early in my career who was interested in supporting young engineers. I imagine that were she elected to lead PEO the direction she would set for our profession would have an eye to the future and position our profession for success. 

Daniel King, P.Eng., MEPP
Former member of the Government Liaison Committee (GLC) as the EIT Rep 

Dedicated Leader

I have worked with Darla Campbell as a committee member  when she was the chair of the Government Liaison Committee of the PEO and the Chair of the Strategy, Policy and Innovation Committee of the Canadian National Exhibition Association.

I always found that Darla was well prepared and organized for each meeting that she was chairing.    She had an excellent grasp of issues and was very capable in communicating a vision and way forward for success.   She did this in a collaborative manner that was always very respectful and appreciative of comments made at meetings that brought out the best in team members.

Darla is a hard working dedicated leader who is needed to help PEO to build upon its current strengths and to address current PEO shortcoming that could allow the PEO to be aimed toward being a world class regulator. 

Jim Chisholm, M.Eng., P.Eng, FEC
Former Chair of the West Toronto Chapter of the PEO,  Former Vice President of the Professional Engineers of the Government of Ontario (PEGO) and former Board Member of the OSPE Board

Experience as a PEO Volunteer

“I have known and worked with Darla Campbell for many years. She is a strong contributor to the PEO as a whole as well as an active supporter of the local chapter. She has given her time to volunteer at NEM events, given keynote addresses at chapter licensing ceremonies, spoken at student outreach dinners, and always gives generously of her time and energy to promote engineers and engineering in Ontario.”

Adrian J Pierorazio, P.Eng., CFEI
PEO Oakville Chapter – Symposium Committee Chair
Member of the PEO Consulting Engineering Designation Committee

Chair, Scholarship Fund

I volunteered with Darla Campbell when she was the Chair of the University Women’s Club of Oakville Scholarship Fund (“Scholarship Fund”) from 2018-2020. The Scholarship Fund is a charitable organization that raises money for female students in Oakville who are looking to pursue post secondary education. In my time working with Darla, I observed her organized and calm leadership style that ensured our meetings moved efficiently and with purpose. She was very familiar with the required formalities of running the Scholarship Fund and the logistics behind drafting the required new policies. She worked diligently to ensure the trustees of the Scholarship Fund were always thinking forward to effectively plan the future use of the funds and ensure we would continue to have capital. She also reached out to potential donors that were interested in setting up scholarships in memory of loved ones. As an organization, whose success depends on individual contributions this was a paramount skill for Darla to exhibit.

Another item that the Scholarship Fund had struggled with in the past was budgeting for the future given the timing of our year-end and when donations were received. I particularly remember one meeting where Darla brainstormed with the trustees how a more formalized budget and timeline of when we required the funds could assist us with our forward planning. This encouraged me as the Treasurer to draft a budget and present it at the next meeting. This was just one example of how Darla helped the trustees plan for the future.

As Darla’s term as Chair has now ended, I will miss the connection she had to the organization and how we took time to always see how everyone was doing before jumping into the business at hand. No matter how crazy of a day I had, I could always be assured that when I joined the video meetings I would be greeted with a warm welcome and a smile from Darla. It was a pleasure volunteering with Darla and future committees she works on can benefit from having Darla involved.

Julia Barber, CPA
Treasurer, University Women’s Club of Oakville Scholarship Fund

Experience serving on a corporate Board as Chair of the Board

I have had the pleasure of working with Darla Campbell in her roles as both a Board Director and Board Chair of Momentum Credit Union. She is a highly effective leader who drives results through collaboration, communication and her excellent people and interpersonal skills. Darla is passionate and committed to success and works hard to ensure individual accountability and organizational success. I consider Darla to be an exceptional strategist, and extremely productive Board member who participates fully, speaks her mind and challenges her colleagues and management to constantly improve.  Darla is a highly effective Director, Committee Chair, Board Chair, executive mentor, business leader and corporate spokesperson.

Malcolm Stoffman
President and CEO
Momentum Credit Union

Experience serving on Board of the Canadian National Exhibition Association


Experience in Community Leadership

Darla has shown years of collaborative leadership connecting with the local engineering and business community. She has backed evidence based decision making with government and has a pragmatic view of how to get things done.

Tom Adams, Oakville Town and Regional Councillor

Experience in Business Leadership