* Experience as a PEO Volunteer

“I have known and worked with Darla Campbell for many years. She is a strong contributor to the PEO as a whole as well as an active supporter of the local chapter. She has given her time to volunteer at NEM events, given keynote addresses at chapter licensing ceremonies, spoken at student outreach dinners, and always gives generously of her time and energy to promote engineers and engineering in Ontario.”

Adrian J Pierorazio, P.Eng., CFEI
PEO Oakville Chapter – Symposium Committee Chair
Member of the PEO Consulting Engineering Designation Committee

* Experience serving on a corporate Board as Chair of the Board

“I have had the pleasure of working with Darla Campbell in her roles as both a Board Director and Board Chair of Momentum Credit Union. She is a highly effective leader who drives results through collaboration, communication and her excellent people and interpersonal skills. Darla is passionate and committed to success and works hard to ensure individual accountability and organizational success. I consider Darla to be an exceptional strategist, and extremely productive Board member who participates fully, speaks her mind and challenges her colleagues and management to constantly improve.  Darla is a highly effective Director, Committee Chair, Board Chair, executive mentor, business leader and corporate spokesperson.”


Malcolm Stoffman
President and CEO
Momentum Credit Union

* Experience serving on Board of the Canadian National Exhibition Association


* Experience in Community Leadership

“Darla has shown years of collaborative leadership connecting with the local engineering and business community. She has backed evidence based decision making with government and has a pragmatic view of how to get things done.”

Tom Adams, Oakville Town and Regional Councillor

* Experience in Business Leadership


* Putting Governance In Action

“I was impressed with Darla’s ability to be a quick self-study of relevant governance documents to help an organization through an impasse.  When I attended the annual general meeting of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers on May 3, 2016, there was a lively debate about the creation of a new membership category for non-engineers.  Darla knew in that situation to consult the governance documents of OSPE to find a way forward in the discussion. She quickly identified the appropriate clause and proposed a suggestion that the membership unanimously adopted.”

Marisa Sterling, P.Eng.
Assistant Dean, Lassonde School of Engineering, York University
PEO East Toronto Chapter Member