2022 is the Year!

I’m running for PEO President-Elect, a three year term, from May 2022 to May 2025. (See my previous blog on the number 25.)

Many of you have reached out and encouraged me to run. Thank you for your confidence and support. With your vote I will elevate the engineering profession in Ontario and take action to make PEO a relevant regulator.

Darla Campbell, P.Eng., CSR-P, FEC

This campaign is about leadership, vision and results.

Leadership: PEO needs a leader with a proven record of accomplishments, leading boards, organizations, people and projects.

Vision: What direction is PEO moving in? Is it the right direction to protect the public interest? PEO needs a leader who will champion Engagement Initiative 2022 that gathers your ideas, suggestions and opportunities to make PEO a relevant regulator.

Results: Provide clear direction for PEO by developing a robust strategic plan that puts PEO on a path to relevancy, incorporating the input from the Engagement Initiative 2022. PEO needs a leader who gets results within the 3 year term of office and sets PEO up for success going forward.

My Key Priorities

  • Enhancing standards and practice guidelines
  • Accelerating and modernizing the licensing process
  • Embracing chapters as a model of communities of support
  • Advocating where the public interest is at risk
  • Operating in a global world: regulate locally, function globally.

More about these priorities in future articles. I look forward to connecting with you.

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