Leading Change for Equality


Twenty years ago I was invited by the Canadian Consulate to be a keynote speaker in Nagoya, Japan. Speaking through a translator, I shared the experience of how Canadian business women were making significant strides and how that progress was connected to the recommendations of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada. The Commission’s report included 167 recommendations for reducing gender inequality across the various spheres of Canadian society.

I have presented on Parliament Hill to the Committee on the Status of Women and have shared my perspectives on issues impacting women in the workforce in the media. I am a passionate supporter of Engineer’s Canada 30 by 30 campaign (to increase the number of women licensed as professional engineers to 30% by 2030) and for the need for PEO to value equality, inclusivity and diversity, not only for women, but for all.

Now, more than ever, Canadians from all walks of life and across all professions are reckoning with the important challenges rooted in equity and diversity. Organizations are taking tangible steps to transform their workplaces by making them more inclusive and welcoming to a diverse workforce.


As a professional regulator marking a century (June 14, 2022), it’s imperative that we play a leadership role in contributing to this societal changes. I’m asking for your vote because I believe I bring the skills, experience and demonstrated record of action to lead our organization through this important era in our collective history.

Like you, I believe PEO must take action to understand what barriers to equality in our profession and organization currently exist, and how together, we work to bring about tangible action to remove those barriers. The time is now.


ONE: ACCELERATE AND MODERNIZE THE LICENSING PROCESS. There needs to be a simple and efficient pathway to licensure for all graduates from Canadian Engineering Accredited programs and for foreign trained engineers who meet the same standards. The current process is not good enough, or fast enough, or fair enough for internationally trained engineers. As your President-Elect, I would lead to fast track this important priority.

TWO: MOVING TO ACTION ON ANTI-RACISM AND ANTI-DISCRIMINATION. PEO’s Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Exploratory Working Group (AREWG) presented a report at the June Council meeting with six key recommendations. Rather than accepting the recommendations in the report, Council directed the working group to develop recommendations for the next steps for Council’s consideration. At the February 2020 Council meeting, Council moved to table the motion on adopting a Land Acknowledgement policy until after a strategic planning session. As of February 2022 we have yet to see it addressed on Council’s agenda.

As your President-Elect, I will lead to move PEO towards more expedient action on issues of Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination.


PEO Council needs clarity in direction. As your President-Elect, I will bring vision, experience and a demonstrated ability to drive change. You can be assured that my commitment to progress and equality will never waiver, even when undoubtedly, we will face challenges in our work for change. I will provide Council with clear direction, ensure we remain focused, and that our work is purposeful, inclusive of broad opinions, and transparent to our membership.


Within 100 days of being elected (which provides time to collaborate with councillors and staff), I will establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the priorities and plans that I will report on throughout my 3-year term. We can measure our progress against these benchmarks.

Thank you for the consideration of your Vote.

Vote Darla Campbell for President-Elect of PEO.

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