Priorities and Plans

What differentiates the Campbell Campaign? Here is the list of priorities and plans to take action to make (keep) PEO a relevant regulator.

Key Priorities

  1. Enhancing standards and practice guidelines
  2. Accelerating and modernizing the licensing process
  3. Embracing chapters as a model of communities of support
  4. Advocating where the public interest is at risk
  5. Operating in a global world: regulate locally, function globally.

PEO Needs to Catch Up

PEO is falling behind other regulators in Canada in who, what and how we regulate and we need to catch up in our role of protecting the public interest.  For example, where is climate change on PEO Council’s radar?

Two specific actions in Darla Campbell’s work plan include:

  • Helping to champion Engagement Initiative 2022 to get input from PEO members, stakeholders and the public on further defining the problems and opportunities.  What does the public expect from a modern engineering regulator? What updated or new standards and practice guidelines are required?
  • Working with members of Council and staff to move forward with a robust Strategic Plan (2022 to 2025) that guides the actions required to modernize the engineering profession in Ontario and take action to make PEO a relevant regulator.

Licensing and Emerging Disciplines

There needs to be a simple and efficient path to licensure for each graduate from a Canadian accredited engineering program and every immigrant internationally educated in engineering. The current process is just not good enough or fast enough. 

The path needs to adjust as new engineering fields develop and needs to be flexible in how applicants show their competency. PEO can best protect the public with an engineering workforce that has the ethics and professionalism rigour of a licensed professional, the value of the P.Eng.

Embracing Chapters

I’ve made a commitment to visiting with each of the 36 chapters and engaging with you in an important and essential conversation about priorities for chapters to support PEO’s regulatory mandate. I believe that Chapters are the backbone of PEO and provide a model of communities of support. We are stronger together. It’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “how”.

Listening to You

These past months, I’ve been speaking with current councillors and PEO members to hear what the key issues are. The priorities I’ve identified above were a result of these consultations.

Darla Campbell, P.Eng. speaking at Bombardier at Take your MPP to Work Event

When you vote for me, I will bring this voice to Council and will champion these issues on your behalf.  And I want to continue to engage and dialogue with you. Please reach out to me by phone 416-562-9082 or email I look forward to hearing from you.

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