Leadership in 2021

Not only is the world changing, it’s changing fast. It’s no longer “business as usual”. The current PEO Council has advocated to move forward to adapt to a changing world. PEO must continue this positive change to remain relevant.

As PEO’s Vice President-elect, I serve on the Executive Committee (EXE) and the Joint Relations Committee (JRC). Previously I have served on the Government Liaison Committee (GLC) from 2011 to 2017, in the last two years as chair. I attended many “Take Your MPP to Work” events across the province, hosted by local chapter’s Government Liaison Program (GLP) chair. I often stated that we had our “finger on the pulse” of PEO.

Souvenir bag from Joint Government Relations Conference (PEO and OSPE)

The GLC has hosted several joint government relations conferences and receptions at Queen’s Park, as well as Regional Congresses which provided training and opportunities to meet with local MPPs. The most recent conference was a virtual event on November 6th where I had the privilege to interview MP Marilyn Gladu, the first woman engineer elected to Parliament, on her important contribution as a role model.

Leadership in engineering includes communication of the role of engineers, the value of the engineering “brand”, the value of being part of a profession, and the value to the public and industry in hiring professional engineers. All these messages support the regulatory role of PEO. A strong P.Eng. brand supports protecting the public interest.

Key regulatory messages include:

  • The self-regulatory model that PEO is priveleged to operate under in Ontario;
  • The role of regulation and standards in serving and protecting the public interest; and
  • Differentiating PEO’s mandate (as a regulator) from OSPE’s mandate (as an advocacy body).

To achieve a sustainable future of self-regulation for our profession, one of my priorities is Enhancing the Value of P.Eng. I commit to enhancing the value of your license from EIT through all stages of your professional career.

Vote Darla Campbell for PEO President-Elect 2021.

#PEOElection #EngineeringMatters #redefinepossible #BuildingFuture Together

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