Supporting PEO to Greater Heights


PEO Council approved its new strategic plan 2018-2010 at the November 2017 Council meeting:

Protect. Engage. Advance.

MISSION:  Regulate and advance the practice of engineering to protect the public interest.

VISION:  The trusted leader in professional self-regulation.

CORE VALUES: Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork.

I have attended many Council meetings over the past year but I missed this meeting which also included approval of:

  • supporting the 30 by 30 initiative and
  • the governance motion that was passed as a member submission at the AGM in Thunder Bay (that I presented on behalf of Lisa MacCumber who moved the submission).

My term on the Government Liaison Committee (GLC) ended in December 2017 and I bring seven years of experience of having my finger on the pulse of regulatory issues impacting PEO.  I am proud of the important work that we accomplished with the Government Liaison Program and look forward to the roll-out of GLP 2.0 that was approved by Council in June 2017.

I am excited to see a new strategic objective of engaging chapters as a valuable regulatory resource.  At the Chapters Leaders Conference on Nov 18th, 2017, I participated in a breakout discussion moderated by Ishwar Bhatia on how chapters can be an effective regulatory vehicle for PEO.  The discussion recognized current activities such as license presentation ceremonies that serve the regulatory mandate and embraced the idea of a chapter regulatory scorecard (modelled after the chapter GLP scorecard) that would provide guidance on the types of activities that support PEO as a valuable regulatory resource.

There is good work already underway at PEO Council and I am putting my name forward as candidate for Councillor-at-Large to continue to support PEO to greater heights. #VoteDarla #GreaterHeights

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