As engineers, we know the value of measuring and getting feedback.  I recall an assignment in 3rd year university in the transportation class.  We were told to go out and measure the number of cars turning at a specific intersection.  We dutifully counted the number of cars turning in a one hour period and reported back to class.  Only then did we discover that we also needed to know how many cars went straight through the intersection.  Hmmm.  A lesson learned.

Fast forward to the PEO election in 2017 where we are celebrating a significant increase in the voter turnout.  As this was one of my goals in running in this election, it is easy to celebrate the results.  We increased a whopping 50% from last year’s votes, which brings us to the grand total of 16.38% of eligible voters who cast their vote.  What about the 83.62% who went straight through the election and didn’t stop to turn in their ballot?  Congratulations are in order, yes and how do we continue to increase relevancy and voter turnout in future elections?

At the AGM in April, the newly elected councillors will have much success to build on and much to contribute to the future decisions of Council.  Let us not forget that we represent not only those who voted for us, we represent the engineering profession in Ontario.  Our decisions must consider what is best for the profession, how to regulate in the interest of protecting the public, how to improve on what we already know and learn how to do better in the future.  As engineers, we never stop learning.

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