Building the future together

This election is about choice.  There are many great candidates in this election.  You get to choose who you believe will be the right leader for PEO at this point in history.

Leadership is about listening.  It’s about learning.  It’s about flexibility and about staying the course.  It’s about providing a clear direction for the organization and inspiring others towards that future.

Throughout this campaign I have already achieved my goal of visiting 50% of the chapters.  So far I have visited 18 PEO chapters hosting AGMs, debates, tours and meet and greets.  I have met MPPs and MPs as well as mayors and municipal councillors.  I have met new licence holders and their families, chapter leaders, EITs and P.Eng.s from many different disciplines and areas of practice. As I listen to your stories, I hear pride in your voice.

That’s why I became an engineer.  I chose engineering because it offered a chance to be part of a profession.  Just like you, I work hard each and every day, applying engineering principles to solving problems, making the world a better place.

As your future President, I will work tirelessly and diligently to improve the profile and the value of the P.Eng. in Ontario.

  • We’ll focus on good governance and look for smart ways to modernize what we do as a regulator.
  • We’ll look at areas where a proactive approach can help to encourage and promote the profession.
  • We’ll listen to ideas and suggestions from our licence holders and our engineering partner organizations.

By demonstrating leadership in engineering we can achieve a sustainable future of self-regulation for our profession.

It’s your choice. Building the future together.

#PEOvotes #VoteDarlaCampbell

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