Campaign trail

An essential part of leadership is meeting your membership.  I have set a goal to schedule to visit 50% of PEO Chapters during this campaign.  From January 20th to January 28th, I attended the following 8 PEO chapter AGMs:

  1. PEO Brampton (Jan 20th)
  2. PEO Scarborough (Jan 21st)
  3. PEO Toronto East (Jan 24th)
  4. PEO Oakville (Jan 25th)
  5. PEO Etobicoke (Jan 26th)
  6. PEO Peterborough (Jan 27th)
  7. PEO Kingsway (Jan 27th)
  8. PEO Lake Ontario (Jan 28th)

Each chapter’s AGM had a different approach, reflecting on the flavour of the local chapter.  It has been a great experience meeting  P.Eng.s from around the province and listening to their stories, especially welcoming the newly minted P.Eng.s receiving their licence certificates.

Yesterday (Feb 1) I attended PEO Niagara’s chapter tour of the new Niagara Regional Police Station in Niagara Falls (designed to LEEDS Silver).

METRICS:  9 chapters in 13 days (or 25% of PEO chapters).

Thank you to each of the chapters for the important work that you do in your communities, promoting PEO.

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