Working together

I am very proud of the successful PEO and OSPE Government Relations conference that we delivered on Oct 26, 2016.  The theme of the conference was “Engineers Working Together for a Stronger Future“.  The planning subcommittee walked the talk each step of the way, demonstrating that we are stronger when we work together.

At the September GLC meeting, we invited Patrick Sackville, OSPE’s Lead, Policy and Government Relations to speak to the committee and share ideas of how we can work more effectively when we meet with MPPs by working together.  We are actively implementing the joint protocol to make meetings with MPPs more effective.  Whether PEO or OSPE sets up the meeting with the MPP, we invite a rep from the other organization to join us at the meeting and put time on the agenda for their organization to report on their activities, too.  This is progress.  Working together.

ceo-qp-day-2015-ospe-president-and-glp-chairIn the past two years I have been invited to OSPE’s Queen’s Park Reception, representing the GLC.  Here is a picture from 2015 when Karen Chan was President of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE).

Also in 2015 I was invited to Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO)’s first Queen’s Park reception where we spoke with many MPPs about Take Your MPP to Work Days.

CEO’s Queen’s Park Reception 2015 (left to right):  Barry Steinberg, P.Eng. (CEO of Consulting Engineers Ontario and past Chair GLC), Teresa Armstrong (MPP London-Fanshawe), Bill Allison, P.Eng. (Director on CEO board and CEO rep on GLC), Andy Manahan (Executive Director, Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario – RCCAO) and Darla Campbell, P.Eng. (Chair, GLC)


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