One good reason

Why am I running for President-Elect of PEO?  It’s simple.  I am running to give you choice.  You deserve to have highly qualified candidates running for leadership positions on Council.  That’s a sign of a healthy organization, an organization with staying power and the ability to weather the coming storm.

Based on my six years of leadership experience on the Government Liaison Committee, first serving as a committee member and then elected as Chair two years ago, I have closely followed the regulatory issues that are challenging PEO.  So you might say that I have had my finger on the pulse of PEO for the past six years.

Chair of PEO’s Government Liaison Committee

  • Supporting chapters as they host Take Your MPP to Work Days.
  • Working with a great team on my committee: PEO Councillors, GLP Chairs and representatives from CEO, Engineers Canada, OSPE and ESSCO.
  • Delivered successful Joint Government Relations Conference with OSPE on October 26th followed by PEO’s Queen’s Park Reception.

Back to why I am running for President-Elect.  There is a storm coming.  Disruption is the new normal.  To be prepared for the future, we need to change our thinking.  We need to ask different questions.  We need to see the problem from a whole new perspective.

That’s what I bring to PEO.  I bring a whole new perspective, built on:

  • having my finger on the pulse of PEO on the regulatory issues;
  • serving as Chair of a the board of a corporation with assets under management of $165 million; and
  • leading a national organization of business and professional women.

Visit for testimonials from colleagues. Building the future together. #VoteDarlaCampbell.

Representing PEO at Take Your MPP to Work Day at 3M, hosted by London Chapter and joined by MPP Peggy Sattler (London West) and MPP Teresa Armstrong (London-Fanshawe)  – Jan 2016

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