What I didn’t say


Driving home from the All Candidates Meeting last night I began to think about all the things that I didn’t say…

About PEO – Top 5 List

  • I am prepared to travel to meet all chapters.
  • I am prepared to work with our partners in the engineering sector (and have a track record of doing so already).
  • I have a good working relationship with PEO staff.
  • Proud to be asked by the Registrar to serve again as Chair of Government Liaison Committee (GLC) and this has been approved by Council.
  • Proud of the feedback and survey results from our recent Joint Government Relations conference with OSPE (October 26, 2016).

About My International Experience – Top 5 List

  • I was invited by the Canadian Consulate to speak at a conference in Nagoya, Japan where I highlighted success stories from Canada to a women in business audience, through a translator (June 2001).
  • I have attended the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York City (February 2001).
  • I was elected and served on the international executive of Business and Professional Women (1999 to 2002) before being elected as the Canadian national president (2004 to 2006).
  • I delivered an award winning leadership training course to an international business audience in Melbourne, Australia (2002).
  • I chaired a voting session of the International Congress of Business and Professional Women with an audience of 1,000 in Lucerne, Switzerland (2005).

You can watch the recording of the All Candidates Meeting here to hear what I did say.

Here’s the view from my seat on the panel.


1 thought on “What I didn’t say”

  1. Hi Darla:
    Wishing you every success in your endeavors, now and in the future! I like your posted material very much.
    Derek M. D’Costa, IIT-Kgp’69, P.Eng.’76, FEC’09, OVSA10


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