I am running for PEO Council.  Why?  Because it’s 2016.

In each leadership role that I take, I bring the best part of me, and that includes the part of me that is trained as an engineer.  It includes the experience of practicing as professional engineer and protecting the public interest.

I remember my first job working with an engineering consulting company after first year engineering.  It was a hot summer in Winnipeg and the survey crew worked through the blistering heat.  I recall the specific (and painful) moment when I discovered why wearing shorts on the survey crew was a bad idea, while I ran through a stubble field of dried hay to the next survey marker.

We learn things in unexpected places. That’s where I learned my biggest leadership lessons – that summer in the trenches of a watermain or sanitary sewer pipe installation.  I learned about asking questions, building rapport and creating respect.  At the end of the that summer job, the contractor told me that I’d do well in my engineering career (even though he confessed that he didn’t think I was going to last the first week).  My commitment to getting the job done and working together to accomplish it was the recipe to garner respect and admiration.  That was a great start to a great career.

Now it’s time to bring my leadership lessons above ground.  I am running for PEO Council.  Together, we are “building the future together”, a sustainable self-regulating future for professional engineers in Ontario. Are you with me?


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